Loving Christ as a Family in Each Locality

I really appreciate all the brothers and sisters in Christ. I was born in a Christian family and raised up in the local church. When I look back on my life, I sense that I have been preserved by God's mercy and grace through all the brothers and sisters. I am here because those in the local church took care of me. Many times I have visited another locality. The believers in that locality welcomed me as part of their family. Even if I met some believers for the first time, they welcomed me and cared for me. I even got a sense that we are one family of God, because we have Christ as life within us. I have visited the local church in Taiwan, and since the believers there have Christ within them, we could also enjoy Christ together.

Christ is my goal, and I can share Him with the brothers and sisters. He is my focus, my aim, pursuing vision, and treasure. My experience is that since I have Christ as my life, I can receive everyone who is a Christian. I love the Lord so much. I love to enjoy Christ with those who love Him. Even though there are differences in culture and language, the enjoyment is always prevailing, because inwardly we have the same person who is Christ.

Shin Nakamura